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Ktown productions is the one stop shop for all of your music and music video production needs.

Music Video Production

We can make you a beautiful, professional music video for an unbelievable price. Check out the results and judge for yourself.
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Music Production

Find out about our music recording and production packages.

What We Do

We are a music recording studio Perth and a music video production company. We have a professional music studio set up to record and produce a wide variety of musical styles. We record everything from acoustic blues to full bands to modern Trap and other bass driven styles. We even make Punjab style Bangarra for the Indian market. we have a music video production business that makes beautiful professional videos to help your music reach it’s target audience and give you what has become the most important tool for music promotion ever devised… The quintessential YouTube calling card.

Ktown Productions is based in Kwinana near Perth WA.

Music Recording and Music Video Packages

If you’re after a great deal, check out our recording and music video packages.

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Music Video Production

Find out about our music video production.

Recording Studio

Pop, Indi, Metal, Acoustic? Whatever you do, we do. We do it to a world class standard and we do it at great rates. Ktown recording studios Perth is a spacious, modern and air conditioned playground for the musician.

Whatever Your Genre

Here at Ktown recording studios Australia whatever kind of music you make, we have the equipment and the expertise to make you the very highest quality recordings that will sound amazing on radio,T.V or internet.


Ah the arcane and misunderstood art of mastering! It actually is as important as they say it is, but what is it? Some people call it the icing on the cake but I think it’s a little more than that these days…