Corporate and commercial Video & Music Production

The Importance Of Video

Things have changed and video is becoming more and more important every year. Nobody wants to read something when they can click on a video and have the information delivered to them in an entertaining and effortless way. Check out the film opposite, it’s aimed at the music industry but it’s just as relevant for any business who wants to have a presence or educate a workforce.

Video and music for every kind of business

From circus to local small business to giant corporations, we aim to provide the most engaging link to your customers and your employees. Here at ktown Productions we make a wide variety of content for businesses large and small. We make training videos, adverts, promotional videos and even music for film and television. Corporate video production is as wide and varied a subject as there are industries but one factor unites them all, to graphically present ideas and information to consumers and employees. It’s all about communication!

The corporate video music Perth side of our company specializes in creating the exact mood to accompany your project.

Ktown Productions is based in Kwinana Near Perth.

Some examples of our work