Leigh Sutherland @ Ktown Productions Recording Studio

Music Recording Studio

Here at Ktown Productions music recording studio Perth we have a fully professional, modern space capable of completing any project to the highest quality. From acoustic set-ups to full bands and in any genre, we will give you those world class results at a very competitive price.

Ktown productions is based in Kwinana near perth.

Ktown Productions Recording Studio

The Right Environment

When you are performing your music you want to feel at your best and that means relaxed and comfortable. It really helps when your recording studio environment is conducive. Here you can feel at ease and get on with what you came here for, making great tracks without distractions.

Check Out An Acoustic Sample

Listen to a sample of the Matt Gresham and Janine Fontaine track “Lullaby” recorded here.

Check Out A Pop Sample

Listen to a sample of the Anita Musca track “Drifting” recorded here.

Check Out This Rock Sample

Listen to a sample of the Leigh Sutherland track “Waiting Room” recorded here.

Check Out A Dance Sample

Listen to a sample of the home grown track “The Disco Resurrected” Feat’ Kiki recorded here.
Bree @ Ktown Productions Recording Studio


Bree @ Ktown Productions Recording Studio

The Studio Is Your Playground

No Band? No Problem

You have the songs and you have the vision but lets face it, the band is so much hard work.


Getting everyone in the same place, making sure the drummer isn’t chewing his sticks, pulling the guitarist away from the mirror, helping the bass player read the “push” sign on the door. People can be unreliable and sometimes the just don’t want to see it your way. Thats often when your vision and and what you actually get can take their seperate paths.

There must be an easier way!

Predictably, there is


We can help you with instrumentation at no extra cost or arrange session musicians at the very top of their game. Need a string section? Brass? Mongolian Bag-Pipes? Done!

We can help you with production ideas and arrangements and every other detail until your vision is realised and your song is ready for radio.

As a music recording studio Australia company we are utterly dedicated to the very highest quality and everything we do is of a world class standard.

Drumming @ Ktown Productions Recording Studio

Whatever your instrument

Our studio Engineer/Producer has over twenty years of experience that says ‘this will sound beautiful’.

Our equipment is first class and our environment is an excellent space for getting the most out of your instrument.


Piano @ Ktown Productions Recording Studio

We are patient & Meticulous

We think the most important thing is feeling relaxed, comfortable and un-pressured. If you need to do twenty takes to get just the right performance then that’s exactly how it should be. You deserve the space to play it just the way you want it and here, that’s what you get… an empathetic and supportive crew to facilitate your creative objectives.